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Director: John R. Kelsoe, MD

Welcome to the UCSD Laboratory of Psychiatric Genomics.

The laboratory is part of the Department of Psychiatry in the UCSD School of Medicine. 

Our Mission
We employ genetic and genomic methods to identify genes involved in the cause of psychiatric illness and the response to treatment. By better understanding the biological mechanisms involved in disease and treatment, the lives of patients with these disorders can be improved.

The lab's primary focus is bipolar disorder. We conduct both clinical and molecular studies primarily directed at finding genes involved in susceptibility to bipolar disorder. We recently identified the gene for GRK3 on chromosome 22q to be a gene for bipolar disorder. Further functional and genetic studies of this gene are a major focus for the lab. We are studying many other chromosomal regions, animal models, candidate genes and clinical treatment response projects. To learn more about them, click here.

For Patients
If you are a patient and interested in our research please feel free to look around here. This site is geared for scientists and professionals. We also have another site especially for patients and for the public. Click here to see it. There is lots of information about bipolar disorder. If you have participated in our studies, thank you. This work would not be possible without you. If you would like to learn more about possible participation, look here.

For Students and Trainees
There are a variety of projects suitable for graduate students, medical students, post docs, psychiatric residents and visiting scientists. Please survey our projects and work and see what you think. Positions are currently limited. If you are interested, please contact us and we can talk.

Looking for Data related to a publication or project. Click here.

See also our informational site on bipolar disorder for the public.


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News and Progress from the lab

The gene for NTRK2, the receptor for BDNF, predicts response to lithium

The gene for GRK3 has been identified as a susceptibility gene for bipolar disorder

Linkage of bipolar disorder to chromosome 13q is replicated in an independent set of families